Gone are the name-tags, shouting and over-the-top party trimmings.

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Especially since Hong Jong Hyun is such a cutie, i love this movie very much! I liked the script, the actors and the way they act.plot, the story, even the background music, everythings' perfect! Anyway, I am glad to see that Master asked Min Young out because now the love triangle begins! v=Qp AC2ga Kv0M Do you know what I love about Korean Dramas, there is a wide choice of type of drama to watch. Being older, I have had enough drama in my own life and want to watch things that are light, happy, uplifting with a little storyline in it that does not destroy the hero/heroine or their sidekicks. With that said, I will ask that those who have nothing but criticism and degrading for the efforts of the cast, go watch a drama that suits your taste allow the rest of us to simply enjoy this oh so interesting and funny drama with a very talented cast especially Lee Jong Hyuk. I was just reading some of the comments and want to add that Lee Jong Hyuk is the best thing about this drama. I am not sure if producers think that mostly men watch these dramas and that men like to see women as stupid.

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There's a nice steamy scene toward the end of the book which has Lil's toes curling. It's possible that in a few years time it will feel passe as fashions come and go and those mentioned in Raye's book have been supplanted by the latest.