True blood characters dating in real life

Falling in love when I least expected it prompted me to write my own romance memoir, [Dutton, .95].

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and that sizzling read to go with your bubble bath or commute to work.

, Sookie Stackhouse gets some supernatural protection — and a possible new love interest — from the burly, sexy Alcide Herveaux, played by actor Joe Manganiello.

He's rounding a corner and so are you while carrying your many files. Remember Sandra Bullock's massive emergency need to make a #2 evacuation in Two Weeks Notice?

Crash, you drop a pile of papers, he keeps you from falling on your face, you bump foreheads, awkward laughter, spark of awareness. A kindly older person can intervene to give you some understanding of why this new guy you're dating is a total grumpus: he has an awful father; a shady lady betrayed him; maybe he was forced to watch a friend torture small animals; he accidentally shot his brother in the leg. We romance-aholics cringed because you just don't do doo-doo in romance. From the first unbuttoning of shirt, sparks fly and everything works in the bedroom.

And I got super excited, because ever since I was a little kid I’d wanted to play a werewolf or some kind of supernatural monster and made sure I watched every single episode [of “Once I got cast, I went to work.

Obviously, there are fans and they have expectations and they’re excited about you, and you want to meet those expectations the best you can.

Romance happens because of coincidence or a non-romantic purpose.

Often, the hero and heroine literally run into each other. 1 perpetrated by the heroine on a long road trip--either to escape evil people or find missing something/someone.

Through this time of dating genuine males and reading steamy prose, I couldn't quite reconcile the two worlds.

I mean, there's no way I could ever experience the rapture of a romance novel, or so I thought.

Manganiello told why Alcide and Sookie are a good match, what it takes to meet fans’ soaring expectations and his thoughts on the complicated etiquette of “werewolf dating.” “I watched the pilot episode and it made me really upset after I watched it.