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I am opening an investigation with USPS to see if they can find your package or at least verify its delivery and where it was delivered. If the package can’t be found, I’ll issue your full refund at that time. Again, I am sorry that you did not receive your package.

In the meantime, perhaps you would like to re-order, and I’ll send your package with signature confirmation.” NOTE: Add the last sentence only if you have another you can sell and send.

We request that you check some things on your end first: Please verify this is your current mailing address because this is the address on the order. If you live in an apartment complex, please contact your rental office to see if they are holding your package there.

i've recently purchased an ebay item where the seller used the usps priority mail to ship it..kindly enough sent me the tracking information for naturally i go to the site to get tracking information..a lie.That is not my experience, I have never received either from any buyer that I have sent this message to.But negatives and claims are always possible, on any order, and you should be aware of the concerns that some sellers have and weigh that when considering using the message.the tracking information only appears to get updated once the package is delivered..much for the usps to provide up-to-date tracking...i wonder why it is even offered...

Yesterday, I received an email telling me that a customer had not received a book.

And sometimes your postal carrier leaves it with a neighbor because s/he doesn’t want to leave it out in the weather.

If these measures don’t work I will file a case with the postal inspector’s office.

If they are unable to help us, I will refund your money. XXXX XXXX XXX If they still insist no package is to be found, they are probably being truthful, so: File a LOSS/THEFT REPORT with the US POSTAL INSPECTOR here: usually refund at this point but you could potentially stall a bit longer by letting them know you are waiting on a response from the Postal Inspector. It would be better to refund and have them repurchase.

Even if the replacement eventually shows delivered, Amazon won’t recognize that because it was not part of the original transaction.

Then call the buyer’s local Post Office on Monday (you can find the number on the USPS website) and tell them about the issue, ask how to open an investigation.