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It has similar impact protection to the CPSC standard, with more apparent coverage in the rear that is not actually impact-tested.Giro and Lazer--and probably others--have helmets that meet it.The compact profile that we think is best when you crash is now a well-established fashion trend.

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Helmets for electric bike riders began to appear in 2013, typified by the Casco E-Motion Cruiser.There is no separate ASTM, CPSC or European standard for ebike helmets, but in 2016 the Netherlands published a new standard for ebike helmets.Consumer Reports had a 2016 article that covered 34 models with impact and ventilation ratings.They have 48 descriptions online now, but their ratings are behind the pay wall.We found few new helmet manufacturers at the Interbike trade show this fall, and fewer new models.

There are new models in 2017 that are worth a look if you need a new helmet.

They include the Airius, Babali, Coros, Eventy, Koros, Lazer, Lifebeam, Livall, Lumos, O'Neal, POC, Sena, Uvex and Video Head.

WARNING: you should know that NIH released a study in February, 2018 that showed cancer tumors forming around the hearts of rats exposed to high levels of radio-frequency radiation.

Almost all of the helmets on the market meet standards and offer good if not excellent protection.

We have tested a sample of cheap and expensive helmets and found no real performance differences by price.

They are required to meet it with or without the chinbar, so if you don't use the chinbar on them you get a beefy road helmet with certified better coverage in the rear and on the sides and improved impact performance.