Aesop had a fable mocking buggers as shameless, Aeschines called them "brutal and uncultured," and Aristotle classified buggery as a neurosis akin to eating dirt.


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Anal sex is certainly more popular amongst modern homosexual men than it was in years past, even more recently.

It specifically addresses how this unfortunate association between Greek culture and this behavior came about.

It is a very old association, going back to the days of the Greeks, and likely it is based on a combination of factors.

I once subscribed to a listserv thread, in which a group of Greeks, and a group of Turks, spent page after page after page arguing about whose ancestors were the most enthusiastic pederasts.

This is true, but not in favor of the thigh-sex preferred by the Greeks.

Not long ago I read an interview with an elderly gay man in which he recalls a time when anal sex was socially disfavored by the gay community, and men who preferred it were derided as "brownie queens".