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Thank you so much for all youve given me thru my life in your songs........Paul Rodgers is one of the greatest singers to his history...... Webbers Falls , Oklahoma 74470I was the recording engineer for the single version of "All Right Now" when working for Island Studios in 1970.Paul if you ever need a good guitar player in your band....i would love to have a chance to play music with you, i live in Webbers Falls , Oklahoma.

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Synonymous with the later Van Halen tune, "Right Now".Was I really hearing something in it that wasn't intended by Free?The story of Free concocting this song for audience applause manipulation confirms my longstanding impression (since I was a teenager listening to Hendrix and Cream and King Crimson and Cactus and Zappa) that All Right Now was one of the worst bastardizations of rock 'n roll.It doesn't resonate with the anguished idealism or fornicatory release of the 60s or 70s - it's just commercial drivel, jerking audiences off musically so they'll clap longer. They were just a bunch of hacks trying to sound like an American band and make a buck.A few of the free places to enjoy sex chat without registration include Erotic Sex Chat and the Sex Chat Weblog.

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from there Paul formed Bad Co, world wide success , i dont think i need to speak of the many songs he wrote with Bad Co. Jimi Page started comeing over to Pauls house where Paul had a recording studio and they both wrote songs and were just haveing fun is all....keeping their minds off their good friends death.

then boom, there was The Firm, again World wide success .....these guys never sat down and told each other....are gonna be a smash hit......after the Firm.....

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