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We are taking on donations to help raise money to build out our community tools portion of the shop. More details here Tags: brothermoto, cx500 It’s been a while since I have posted anything I randomly lost all interest in taking the time to post.

for the past 10 months we have been transforming this 1981 CX500 into a customized urban scrambler.

Over 5 million users across 20 industries and more than 130 countries use Litmos in 28 languages to learn better.

We’ve grown Moodle since 2001 as an open source platform that empowers educators to develop and manage courses online.

Teachers can find everything they need right at their fingertips to organize their classrooms and connect with students.

In Showbie, work is never lost or misplaced, and students always stay productive with due date and assignment notifications.

So, in the end, investing in 21st century education technology actually makes teaching and learning easier (like it’s supposed to).

Canvas is the educational revolution by Instructure, the technology company that makes smart software that makes people smarter.

LMSs work in concert with other educational platforms, such as student information systems (SISs), to deliver multiple e-learning solutions.

While SISs help manage and document student data, LMS focuses on delivering online courses or training to learners.

As an example our Workshop plugin manages a full peer assessment process, so you can get hundreds of students accurately grading each other’s assignments (that can save you a lot of time! Add some tracking and reports and the ability to add more plugins from the community or even ones you write yourself, and you can build some pretty amazing education environments.

The Moodle project is run by Moodle HQ from Perth, Australia, but would not be what it is without a huge community of users.

The Most Usable Learning Management System (LMS) Software Which Learning Management System (LMS) Software is the Easiest to do Business With?