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Participation in Taking Part includes activities such as playing a musical instrument, performing, writing, photography and painting.

All in all the figures for attendance and participation in the arts for mixed race adults are not that much different than for other groups, nor are their reasons for taking part.

What about the creative side of the mixed race population - what do they like to do in their spare time?

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Sign up for our monthly newsletter and delve into our pages. Become an Intermix member to take part: Knowing that someone is of a mixed race background can only be the start of being able to understand who they are and their true potential.

The statistics show that improving the lives of mixed race people is not solely a London issue.

When it comes to mixed race people the capital is not the melting pot we might think it is.

(The smallness of the sample means that we should treat the figures with some caution).

The latest analysis shows that 60% of mixed race adults attend an arts event at least once a year.As with all humanity a mixed race person may be any combination - you may be rich, you may be poor, you may be regarded as beautiful or ugly, you may be a wonderful musician or you may be tone deaf, love opera or punk.Like all racial categorisations "mixed race" is a is a website for the benefit of mixed-race families, individuals and anyone who feels they have a multiracial identity and want to join us.Our mission is to offer a view of the mixed-race experience, highlighting icons, film, books, poetry, parenting techniques, celebrities, real lives and much more.So who make up Britain's mixed race population and what is their position in society?