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It features a durable brass construction with stainless steel finish, a leaf spring ensures a secure connection between the lens and adapter, and its design also maintains infinity focus.Additionally, a tripod mount is featured to help offset the weight of the medium format lenses for more balanced and stable shooting.

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This manual adapter does not maintain automatic lens control between the camera and lens; aperture priority or manual shooting modes should be used, as well as stop-down metering for exposure control.

I use a Nikon D800e but have an old Hasselblad in the closet with a 150mm, 80mm, and 40mm lens.

If you ever loaded a little canister of Kodachrome or Velvia into the back of a camera, this is what you were shooting.

Medium-format was a larger 60mm square or 90mm x 60mm rectangle, while large-format films could be more than 100mm on the longest edge.

I purchased this lens adapter so I can use my Hasselblad V lenses on my new Nikon D810. It also appears to have very pro level build quality, better than I expected.

I have already used my Zeiss 120 f4 macro and extension tubes to do some beautiful macro shots of vintage chess pieces.These are both a few decades old (the lens is signed "Made in West Germany"), so working with the setup felt pretty old school.For each shot, you cock the shutter with the crank, set your exposure with the shutter speed and aperture rings on the lens, manually focus, and then hit the metal shutter release just below the lens—you know, taking a picture as if you were still using film.Images come out with a 8,272 x 6,200 pixel total resolution and have 16-bit color depth.A single file can be more than 150 megabytes at top quality.This is the stuff of covers and Calvin Klein billboards.