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They don't tolerate any opponents.'They should be punished.

It's an open demonstration of this Russian terrorism.'The Russian government is telling people who are thinking about revealing more secrets that they can expect the same fate.'Asked how the nerve agent works, he added: 'It's for paralysing people, it causes you convulsions and you can't breathe and after that you die.

You have to test it on animals and after that you have to study the chemical properties...

He worked in the top-secret Moscow laboratory where a new generation of even more potent poisons was being perfected.These gruesome chemical weapons, named 'Novichok' after the Russian for 'newcomer', were designed to be even more lethal than VX or sarin.Kovalyov, now an MP, said the accusations by May were a 'provocation' against Russia.There was no sense for Russia seek to kill a spy convicted 12 years ago when the publicity would damage the campaign for the presidential election, he said.'Just be logical.This is presumably why the street in Salisbury was being hosed down as a precaution – it would effectively destroy the agent.'Russia went into denial early today, with a former FSB chief claiming scientists at Porton Down had poisoned ex-spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia.

A top Moscow chemical weapons expert echoed the charge while also alleging nerve agent novichok did not exist.

The Russian whistleblower who exposed the country's secret chemical weapons programme has revealed the horrific torturous effect of the Novichok nerve agents on their victims.

Vil Mirzayanov described the use of the lethal toxins as a 'brazen' attack by Vladimir Putin, who 'thinks he can use everything to kill enemies'.

Last night experts described nerve agents such as Novichok as second only to the 'atom bomb' as the most deadly weapons ever made.

They said that because the ingredients were so common, the poison was ideal for use in an assassination, as well as a weapon of mass destruction.

He led the destruction of chemical weapons in Russia.'I was dealing with elimination of Russian chemical weapons and with all the responsibility I can say that we have never had a weapon under this name,' he said.