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There are various customer service options to choose from, including contacting the billing department about a refund for a charge you did not authorize.

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This number says it's T-Mobile but somehow they get your number as an ex-T-mobile user and try to scam you by saying you still owe them money- Do not answer- I suggest you add them to your contact list with the name "Do Not Answer"I did a search for that number you listed northglenn- Seems as if this is not portfolio, this is a company called ARS, another zombie debt collector- From the people commenting on that page, do a search on this site for that number, these people seem to be very similar to the typical zombie debt collectors I have read aboutthey identified themselves as being a representative of the federal govt- they tried to tell me i had won a prize- when i asked them to confirm they were representatives of the federal govt they hung up- tried calling back and number wont work in reverse Like Bob description (previous message), I received the same type of cryptic phone message at my work phone.

s written request within the thirty-day period, the debt collector will provide the consumer with the name and address of the original creditor, if different from the current creditor-"A Collection Agent May Not?

Here are the top actions prohibited by the The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act: Misrepresent Him or Herself A debt collector may not misrepresent himself as an attorney or law enforcement officer-Use the Telephone to Annoy or Harass A collection agent may not cause a telephone to ring or engage any person in telephone conversation repeatedly or continuously with an intent to annoy, abuse, or harass anyone at the called number-Threaten Arrest or Lawsuit A collection agent may not threaten a consumer with arrest- It may not threaten legal action that is either not permitted or not actually contemplated- In other words, a the threat of a lawsuit may be an empty one-Use Abusive or Threatening Language A debt collector may no use abusive or profane language in the course of communication related to the debt-Publish a Bad Debt List Publishing the consumer?This information is explained when you sign up for service.The agent we spoke with, Stephanie, told us that emails are not sent out to customers before the payment method is charged on the recurring plan, but anyone wishing to cancel recurring payments can do so from their online account.You do not need to violate your own right to privacy The stolen data was recovered- Suspect is in custody- The ECMC website has an update about it- The North Carolina Dept of Justice also has an update in their News release tab-www-ecmc-org or www-ncdoj-gov I've been receiving a call destined for the boyfriend of years ago- I don't know where he is at now- I wanted to tell them the number is wrong- But always recording, I can't talk to anybody- There is number to call to inform the wrong telephone number- When I called, recording is asking my social security number- For what??As I'm sure you know, predictive-dialed calls to a cell phone are illegal-Two things you can do:) Report the call to the FCC here: esupport-fcc-gov form consumer-do Predictive dialed calls to a cell phone are forbidden by the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA)- Unauthorized prerecorded telemarketing calls to residential land lines is also forbidden by TCPA- ) Sue 'em- Whether you received only one illegal call or multiple calls, the TCPA gives you the right to sue for damages to the tune of per call- You can file suit yourself (usually in small claims court) or retain a consumer law attorney who will take care of it on your behalf- Many times, by the way, the telemarketer settles out of court This number calls before : A-M- of mornings- They hide their identity with caller ID only showing "NOT IN USE" and they never leave a message- I am on the Do Not Call List am disabled and get many harassing phone calls especially the last nine years- Even if it is a telemarketer they legally are suppose to check and not call those on the do not call list, and they are not legally allowed to disturb individuals before A-MI calked the number back,it's some telemarketer- They keep calling and hanging up- When I called the number back and asked why they keep calling and hanging up, he said that was a mistake made by someone else and then started in on the pitch- When I asked to be removed from the list he hung up again I also got one of these bingo tickets and of course just all u guys got the X in the middle box lol- After reading ur posts I never called thanks to u guys, And guess what I was outside when the mail man came and handed me the card along with our mails, SO YES IT IS Canada Post that delivers themcalled my cell phone which is a private listing and left no message- When I called back from another line, there was dead air space then a busy signal- Don't waste your time- It had to be a spammer- I blocked it through the White pages ID app on my cell My husband received a call from this number, then I received a text from the female from this number- She threatened me, and said she will see me soon, and a bunch of stuff to me- She is harraising me and my family and won't stop She he or it is mad at me cause I bombed them calling them every name under the sun when he she or it replied back it was nasty dirty miss spelled curse words that didn't make any sense while they where saying you don't know us don't judge and things like that it really is sad that we the hard working American people have to live and put up with such lazy worthless individauls such as them nut I'm done for now Text from this number at am Woke me up"Congratulations GRANTWORK has creative financing proposal for you (sic), kindly contact your representative via: email for more details-"-If I hadn't been on my own WIFI network, this would have cost me money Received a call from , with a message from "Chris Allen" regarding my "state and federal requirements" for a construction company- Hmm - I don't have a construction company or any company like that- He said to call him at , A scam - beware Windows scam call as mentioned above, I got it today at my house in North Carolina-We have an Apple computer but they were telling us our Windows had a virus and to give them access to our machine-I just hung up The call said it was out of New Jersey-I got the same call from Washington state months ago, but on that one the caller id was kind enough to label it as fraudster calls in three days- Same as everyone else reported: no one picks up if I answer- When I have called back, an automated voice in "customer service" supposedly puts you in a queue for help, but no one ever picks up- Three times I selected the option to be put on their "no call" list, but the calls keep coming-So,who can make it stop???No problem , you hang up on most people any way - I would also like you to know that the scammers come and read and post on sites like this all the time - If gives them hope that they are reaching a targeted market - So some of this stuff you read is well , them - If u need more ideas call me I'm in the DNCL - Bye now and have a nice day I have received calls from these people wanting money, I do owe the debt,however after reading these posts I demanded that they mail me documentation,they said they couldn't do that, that they could only serve me papers and that once I was served Consolidated would no longer be able to help me Caller wanted to speak to my husband about "security-" Asked to be removed off calling list and caller stated he'd call back again tomorrow- I said, "No, put your manager on" and he said, "you can't speak to the manager, but I'll call back tomorrow-" We are on the National Do Not Call List already- Filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission- Our phone provider indicated that those calling from a "" number are affiliated with a scam that tries to get personal and financial information I just called the number that Babs gave us- I had the same experience- Very professiona- Now I need to capture the other companies that are bombarding me with daily phone call and tell them to CALL OFF THE DOGSYou can call the PD from the originating city on the non-emergency line- Doesn't work for occasional telemarketers, must be some form of harrassment- I have done this a couple times- Here's a link for Anaheim:user-govoutreach-com anaheim faq-php?