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It takes guts for a guy to be able to approach a woman at the bar, but he sees you as unapproachable because of the way you carry yourself.He sees an independent, confident woman that doesn’t need a man to make her happy.

Stay opinionated and you will attract the right guy to help sharpen your mind.

Last night, I was told by a cute dude on campus that I was really intimidating right in the middle of a conversation. Too often, I've been told that I'm intimidating and that that's the reason I'm single.

You deserve a confident man that has way more faith in your relationship than that. They get intimidated when a girl mentions the future.

It may not be with him, but you have goals and standards that you will achieve one day without someone that’s intimidated by that.

He really means that you’re to cool, too beautiful and too amazing for a scrub like him.

He realizes you are better than him and he knows that one day you will see it, too.The right guy that can handle you will approach you. He could actually be calling you intimidating because he admires you. He sees how content you are in life and wants to be apart of that.Let’s face it--some men have a lower self-esteem and are intimidated when they go on a date with a woman that is on a higher level. So on the first date when you order a burger instead of a salad it can be intimidating. He sees the power couple that the two of you can become. Keep being the strong and beautiful woman that you are; own how badass you are. Carefully selecting from the scores of effervescent thoughts that continuously swirl around in your brain. (Unless, of course, your dictionary was on your phone. It’s just your nature to think a lot, to feel a lot, and to know a lot. If you’ve grown up thinking that you need to be perfect, begin to unravel that belief; your vulnerability will be appealing to others. The conversation usually goes a little something like this: "You're so pretty.